Anton Slich
Russia ~born 1992

Artworks (12)


Hi everybody, my name is Anton Slich. I am a contemporary and fine artist currently residing in Moscow, Russia. I' ve been doing art since early childhood, thoug painting became my professon not very long ago. It is real plesure to introduce some of my works to you here. The central subject of most of my paitnings is the human figure. I believe that the human body is something that bears great energy and may serve as a universal language of communication between us. As was said in a popular song, "we share the same biology, regardless of ideology". I am open to all kinds of questions and discussion, so feel free to drop me a line. As to my progress and development, firstly, I tried my hand in making sketches and worked a lot with pastel. The change in my technique and manner was inspired by the masters: Picasso converted me to oil, Michelangelo and visiting Capella Sistina revealed the beauty of the human body, Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon helped to discover it as an instrument for exposing human nature and the drama of people's relations. My motto is: "Let's get back to the figure!" My paintings are held in private collections in Russia, the UK and the USA.